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Alternate Light Diagnostic

Stage 1 pressure injury in ambient light with visible tissue erythema (L) and viewed under alternate light source using 415-nm violet wavelength (R)

Discerning Light, Inc. is developing PreVision Alternate Light Diagnostic to enable early detection of pressure injuries by revealing subcutaneous tissue damage not visible in ambient light. It is intended to be approved and regulated as a Class II Medical Device under Section 510K.

PreVision ALD specifications:

  • Non-invasive, portable, and easy to use by a single practitioner

  • Rechargeable, lightweight power pack, 1,000 hour light source

  • Easily adaptable to multiple (violet, blue, green) wavelengths 

  • Capable of imaging multiple skin types and pigmentations

  • Integrated digital camera and automated image capture software

  • Interface to cloud storage and EMRs

Availability is planned for H1:2023.

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